Saturday, January 11, 2014

Chris House is blogging!

The University of Michigan's econ department just solidified its claim to being the Top Blogger Department in Existence. Chris House, the esteemed macroeconomist, has started blogging. Chris taught half of my intro macro sequence, and as Job Market Coordinator, he helped me to get a job; I am thus forever in his debt. As a teacher at Michigan he was (and is) famous for clear, intuitive explanations of difficult topics, so I expect him to be right at home in the blog world.

His first three posts are 1) the story of why Miles finally convinced him to blog, 2) why first-year grad students don't need to read Keynes, and 3) a quasi-rebuttal of my latest DSGE critique! Chris is off to a great start.

Anyway, you should also check out the other University of Michigan economics bloggers and writers, if you don't read them already:

Justin Wolfers - Bloomberg columns (and Twitter)

Jeff Smith - EconJeff

Betsey Stevenson - Various articles and columns (and Twitter)

And check out the UMich Econ Twitter account!

...Go Blue!


  1. Anonymous1:56 AM

    Great start to his blog. Unfortunately he has the same Wordpress theme as I do.... I guess I can get over that.

  2. This is simply not true, at least for evolutionary biologists:

    "I’m fairly sure that few modern biologists read Darwin’s original Origin of Species."