Sunday, January 05, 2014

EconoTrolls of Academia

At the American Economic Association meeting this week, I was asked to do part of the humor session, run by Yoram Bauman ("the world's first stand-up economist"). The theme was supposed to be a riff on my EconoTrolls blog post from last year. Figuring that an audience of academics wouldn't know an Austrian from a Post-Keynesian, I made an all new bestiary of EconoTrolls, focusing on academia. Unfortunately, never having done comedy before, I made the mistake of putting the slides in "blog post" form (i.e., presenting everything on the screen at once), instead of in "punch line" form as I now realize I should have. Nevertheless, I think people were somewhat entertained.

Anyway, here are the slides from the session (minus some slides at the end that are only funny if shown in rapid succession). I'll also upload the video as soon as Yoram posts it.


  1. Anonymous6:55 PM

    "Figuring that an audience of academics wouldn't know an Austrian from a Post-Keynesian..."

    You mean, "Figuring that an audience of *mainstream* academics wouldn't know an Austrian from a Post-Keynesian..."

    Or are economics professors who espouse largely Austrian or Post-Keynesian views not academics in your eyes? Or are you just trolling?

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    1. Working now... not sure if you changed anything but if so, thanks

  3. Bill Ellis9:39 PM

    I can make my eyes cockeyed too. If anyone is interested I can teach you how. If you can cross your eyes you can too.

  4. Good descriptives. I know at least one of each type. And at some point I've been all of them - except the Nobel laureate, obviously :D

  5. Photos for Top Job Candidate were great.

  6. I tried to put following (or variant of it) on last year's post, but it did not seem to take, and I cannot access the last posts now. So, will put it here, but apologize if it did go up there in some form or other.


    "I do not belong to a school of economics and think we should not pay attention to them as all I care about is what is good economics that can be used to answer all the serious questions of all the social sciences.."

    How sees self:
    photo of Paul Samuelson

    How others see him:
    photo of particularly dorky guy with buck teeth and white shirt with too many pens in front pocket.

    favorite living economist:
    either Gary Becker or James Hamilton

    faviorite dead economist"
    either Alfred Marshall or Leon Walras

    favorite blog:
    either Econbrowser or Greg Mankiw's blog

    What will make one comment on blog:
    criticisms of "neoclassical economics"

    Main Plan of Attack:
    "Obviously this problem can be solved by rational agent X creating a market to arbitrage between Y and Z in order to supply a Pareto optimal amount of Omega."

    Secret Weakness:
    Actually believes Main Plan of Attack

    Barkley Rosser
    PS: Sorry did not see your standup gig, Noah, but, well, 8 AM....